Rothblockianism: Joining the Party of Adjectival Anarchism

by Adam Alcorn

Dr. Walter Block

Dr. Walter Block

Dr. Murray N. Rothbard

Dr. Murray Rothbard


While we’re in the process of inundating and diluting our message with even more adjectives, I figured I’d go ahead and describe myself. The best term I could come up with is a Rothblockian. I agree with the vast majority of Rothbard in terms of politics, power, and economics, but I also agree with Walter Block in the majority of political and economic issues.

There are a very few issues that Block and Rothbard disagree on, and I tend to side with Block, but I cannot neglect the foundation that Rothbard provided for Block to expand upon. That’s why the “Roth” has to start my own adjectival anarchism, but Block is absolutely indispensable.


Thin Libertarianism

I hate that I have to mention the obvious, but Rothbard and Block are clearly “thin” libertarians, although it is a problematic division. The terms thick and thin clearly imply a left and right as a legitimate interpretation of libertarianism. This is absolutely not the case. Libertarianism is the principle of non-aggression and the rights of person and property to determine what constitutes aggression, only. “Thick libertarians” and all other “personal preferences” as Block says are just that, personal. They do not pertain to libertarianism, and to categorize objectors as aggressors is most certainly not libertarianism. It is akin to the left and the right attempting to force their personal values via the democratic system. It is coercion. It is not liberty.

Block and Rothbard both see through the distraction, we all should be so keen.

– Adam Alcorn