Book Review: “Dirty Wars” by Jeremy Scahill

by Adam Alcorn


For those of you interested in US foreign policy, Scahill’s book is a must read.  He examines the nature of our military and paramilitary operations overseas, with an emphasis on JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) and three-letter agencies.  As a former special operations pilot, I have personal knowledge of some of the events he writes about.  Scahill has been fortunate enough to gain access to credible information, and his reporting is both thorough and accurate.  

You will read about US military presence and recent history in countries around the world…places where our government is waging dirty wars behind the scenes (propping up ‘useful’ governments, fomenting revolutions in others, assassinating US citizens without trial, etc).  It is scary to read about, but also enlightening.  You will become more aware of our actions in other countries, and this will shed some light on why many people around the world resent our…

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